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Root for a good game – pledge to donate when your team scores.

If you feel ambivalent or conflicted about the politics of the NFL but still want to root for your favorite team, consider giving to an organization of your choosing every time your team scores. Or, if your team isn’t in the game, when something good happens to the team you hate the least.

Use the hashtag #AGoodGame on social media to make your pledge known and see the good work being done by your community.

Record a pledge
Where should I donate?
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We encourage you to pick a cause that you feel passionate about. There are no wrong answers. If you are looking for some causes to support here are a handful of some suggestions:

Colin Kaepernick also has a list of organizations working in oppressed communities that he is supporting with his million dollar pledge.

How much should I donate?
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Any amount of money makes a difference to an organization. You may decide to pledge a certain amount per point, or different amounts for touchdowns, field goals, or just awesome plays. Maybe you decide to commit to a certain amount of community service, or make a certain number of phone calls for each point your team scores. It's up to you!

About #AGoodGame
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Josh and Emma are both Patriots fans, and last year when the Patriots went to the Super Bowl they were both feeling conflicted about supporting their team, some of whose key players and administration figures had such close ties to the Trump administration.

Using the hashtag #AGoodGame, they encouraged Patriots and Falcons fans to donate every time their teams scored. They counted thousands of pledges – totaling over $100,000! – last year and were heartened by the generosity of NFL and Patriots fans alike. Since the Patriots obviously made the Super Bowl again (surprising no one), they plan to donate again this year.

This time they have a website.

Contact them at