+23 Wella Illumina Color Chart 8/69 References

By | May 12, 2022

+23 Wella Illumina Color Chart 8/69 References. 8/ 7/ 6/ 5/ 4/ 10/ illumina color shades palette 31 intermixable shades · simple, no additional complexity · 1 : Al swatches are for illustration purposes only and are not to be taken as accurate shading.l wamr neutral cool.

Wella Illumina Color 60ml from www.bellaffair.com

The best color curating tools. 9/60 zeer lichtblond natuurlijk violet. Create sheer color that's luminous in every kind of light with illumina color permanent hair color products.

5/81 Light Brown Pearl Ash.

Achieve luminous colour and outstanding hair protection with wella professionals illumina color. 8/69 light blonde violet cendre. All illumina color shades are intermixable to create a palette of colours that suites every clients and allows you to be a creative artist.

1 Part Illumina Color, 1 Part Welloxon Perfect 12% 2 Levels Of Lift:

60 ml illumina color shade + 60 ml welloxon perfect. 8/69 light blonde violet cendre. I used 8/69 and 30vol and it was lush!

1 M I Xni G Rati O · Easy To Get Started.

Illumina color wella professionals’ most advanced colour range to protect against hair damage. 9/03 zeer lichtblond natuurlijk goud. 1 part illumina color, 1.

7/81 Medium Blonde Pearl Ash.

Extra detail to attention should be given. 8/1 6/16 10/1 9/60 8/69 10/69 5/81 note: However, there’s a lot of.

It's My Step Mum So I Can Take A Photo At Some Point.

9/60 zeer lichtblond natuurlijk violet. 6/19 dark blonde ash cendre. 7/81 medium blonde pearl ash.

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