The Best What Color Is Aquamarine Stone Ideas

By | May 17, 2022

The Best What Color Is Aquamarine Stone Ideas. Light blue colored aquamarines are found in the u.s. Most of these are heat treated to blue, since this is the color the buying public prefers.

China AAA Loose Gemstones Aqua Blue 1mm Round Brilliant from

Some don’t even recognize the stones as aquamarines. In general, the purer and more intense the blue color, the more valuable the stone. This is determined by how transparent and clear the aquamarine crystal is.

The Name Of The Color, In This Case, Blue

Although some aquamarine gemstones come out of the ground blue, almost all of them start life blueish green. Known as the gem of the sea, even the name ‘aquamarine’ comes from the latin ‘aqua’ for ‘water’ and ‘marina’ for ‘of the sea’. The fewer inclusions it has, the better.

The Gem’s Most Valuable Color Is A Dark Blue To Slightly Greenish Blue With Moderately Strong Intensity.

The shade of the crystal range from pale to dark, known for its excellent transparency and high clarity. Aquamarine is the soft pale blue variety of the beryl family of gemstones, which also includes morganite, goshenite, yellow beryl and emerald. Aquamarine is typically greenish blue in nature, so it is heat treated to remove the yellow component, and to.

Basically, It Is The Blue Variety Of The Mineral Beryl.

It is routinely heat treated to bring out the blue tones, but the treatment is undetectable and very stable. While most of the aquamarines are heat treated, some are out in the market without heat treatment. The color of a gem is determined by 4 components:

Aquamarine’s Younger Sister In The Beryl Family, Morganite, Is Coloured By Manganese, And Its Older And More Complicated Sister.

The name aquamarine comes from two latin words aqua marinus meaning “water of the sea”. Aquamarines are basically associated with blue color. Gemstones that are coloured by nature in this way are known as allochromatic.

Most Of These Are Heat Treated To Blue, Since This Is The Color The Buying Public Prefers.

It is the birthstone for march. Chemically, beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate, and one of the major sources of beryllium. Gem is an emerald cut, which is typical for aquamarine.

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